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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is home to some of the most iconic and legendary memorabilia in music history. The museum and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony are monuments for both preserving and celebrating the live music experience.

Similarly, Klipsch was founded in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas for one reason - to create speakers that could efficiently and accurately reproduce recorded music. We continue to develop amazing loudspeakers and headphones that deliver live music's power, detail and emotion.

So when the opportunity arose to partner with the Rock Hall, it only made sense.

Rock  Hall 2016  Stage


This three-year partnership with the Rock Hall goes beyond the Induction Ceremony. Our audio engineers worked with the Rock Hall to distribute Klipsch speakers throughout the entire museum. 

From soundbars, to headphones and professional-grade speakers - the Klipsch sound will be powering every exhibit and live performance from the new Klipsch Audio Stage.

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