Unauthorized Dealer List and Warning

A note about sellers on Amazon.com: Many resellers who sell through Amazon.com are not authorized dealers of Klipsch products. When purchasing Klipsch products on Amazon.com, it is important to note where the product is being "shipped from and sold by," which is stated clearly in the header for each product. Please locate the seller’s name on our Authorized Online Dealer List or contact us directly at 1-800-Klipsch before you purchase.

Please contact us directly before you purchase if you are uncertain at 1-800-Klipsch.

Reminder: Warranties are non-transferable. Second-hand items, including sales from websites such as eBay and Craig's List, are not covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

The following online companies are not authorized to sell Klipsch products (this list is not inclusive):

1 to 3 ShopEverythingdealsOut of the Box wholesale
11th St. Wirelesseverythings_on_saleparkavenuedigital.com
1812 InnovationsExclusiveTVs.comParkers Best Mart
365USAExigo DistributionPassionate Audio Tech
4U2NJOYExtremeliquidator.comPavilion Electronics
5 Star GamingEZYLYPavilion Health and Home
6209122 Canada Inc.fentonwarePBS NY INC
6th Avenue ExpressFIREMALL LLC PC Perfectionists
abCreationFounderDirectPETER SALES
ABR Trading Corpgadget-townPhatsoe
AnhjinzanGAMEDIRECTPlanet Fun Toys
Apex VenturesGenesis 17:7 BargainsPremier Audio Video
ApexSuppliersGet More, PAY LESS!!!!PRO SELL
Arapahoe Store/k&k digitalASGPERFUMESgoldeye2007pro-lenses
Audio ExchangeGoodios/Brainstorm CorporationProlotigation LLC
Audio SurplusGreatDeals1971Quality Photo
Audio Video Sales GuyHamazoQuantum
Audio Visual SolutionsHarolds PrairieRareItem
AudiophileLiquidator.netHEADPHONESUSARight Buy
AVB DirectHi-End-WholesaleRover Mall
Avia FreedHighperformancestereo.comSAINT-MICHEL-EXPRESS satelliteradiodirect
AvshoppeHome AudioSave-On-Audio
AW-ELECTRONICSHome Buys plussavethewallet.com
B&E ElectronicsHome ElectronicsSeven Point One Audio LLC
BARGINSOFThometheaterspeakersandsubsSharp Gear
beckerscomputerservice.comHPP EnterprisesShopbroadline.com
BeGoodtoYourselfHy Tech LLCShopCell
BeingMaxcom, LLCicdstoreShopTronics
Best Deal TechINCOVERSilver Berries
Best for LessInternational CustomersSIMPLY STOCKED
Best OutletiPadSimShop USA, Ltd.SIMPLY THE BEST
BestGuy-WholeSelleriTradeUSA.comSonia Yousef
Bestofaudio.comit's electric onlineSpeakerguy, inc.
biddealiZone DealsSpeedytechshop (STS)
Bigben1613J-Electronicssteel Dealz
BKBUDKITSJ-ElectronicsSUMAYAH805 (U Buy It)
Blue Light BarginsJennifer A Hindssunnytechsale
BooksontheSide2JH productsSunset Electronics
BoshtonJJSREALBUYSunshine Trade
bsdelectronicsJMJR SALESsuperdeal01
BUSINESSDATABASE1 (toplinedistributors)J-Tech DigitalSUPERDEALS
businessdonez JustElectronics.comSuperiorhifi.com
BuyBuy Online K&J officeSupply Tiger
BuyHappierKailentechSure Thing Sales
CarolinasKESSTaran T White
Cart4dealsFireballTE Racing
cdwarehouseonlineKNPH, LLCTech Candy, Inc
Centraldigital.comKoozonTech deals
Chris SmithLCDandmore.comTechForLess.com
Classicearset80LEE SEULTeracing
Click and SaveleonchicagoThe Best Deals Online
Corner DiscountLiangqiufaThe Mercantile
CrawfordsLindrosThe Reference Standard
Crawford's SuperstoreLIVING LARGEThe Tech Basket
Crossover EnterpriseMac SupplyTimisme
Custom Sound CompanyMadBazzarToy Store Inc
Deal BMarket warehouseTV City.tv
Deal ZoneMatthew FreedUMAR805
DealcentralMaxDealUnderground deal
Dependable ResourcesMegatronicsUniversalLCD.com
DependableResourceMERCHANTS UNLIMITEDusabuygoodweb.com
Digital Pavilion ElectronicsMetroples Trading CompanyVamo Stock
DIYMOBILE PRO SHOPWarehouse Sur+/Warehouse Surplus
Dora the ExplorerMoBo LLC - Everything DealsWeSearchUSave
Down South SalesMonster SalesWholesale memory - solollc
Ecom ElectronicsnitvaXCESS buys
EFE Internatioal Inc.NTK solutionXcessBuy
Electronica DirectNumber 1 in serviceYGG
Electronics Clubofficeworderland.comYour Deal
elite*audio*videoOJ CapYYW, LLC
ESPEIFFEROnlyfactorydirectZ Electria
NanoBuySpddyS LLCUEDeals
Tech LiquidatorsfivestarexperienceGingko Electronics
Amazing GizmoT.R.GMattscomputers
Online Central DealSuperGoodcoldriver20
Luxor OutletZac & JackiA and P Electronics
Aurora Trading GroupopensellersDave Parkers
Vann'sPCMall Bay Cal Deals
Mac MallCustom Sound Company Moe's AV @ Amazon.com
Buy With ConfidenceBESTDEAL TECHgood connections Inc
KidanyElectronics BasketAlways on sale USA
pablo878freshtekbargainMoonshine Sales LLC
SophiaGlobalSpddyS LLCE-Commerce Professional
SavesterFat Owls StrollerTrading
 Buy With Confidence Dave Parkers DealPros
 in-ear.com save-on-audio.com newaudiounited.com
Keystone Westdesigneraudiovideo.comNice Distribution
Cart2IndiaZbeemHome Grab
Shop Your Worldwww.jamsticks.comdesigneraudiovideo.com

Klipsch home audio products are sold in the United States through a network of authorized dealers selected by Klipsch. Some of these dealers may have Internet sites on which they are authorized by Klipsch to sell a select mix of our products. Klipsch dealers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent, sell and, in most cases, service Klipsch products. Klipsch provides a warranty on products sold only by our authorized dealers. 

Unfortunately, Klipsch products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized to do so. Goods sold by these unauthorized companies are not purchased from Klipsch; instead they are acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Klipsch warranty coverage. We are using our best efforts (including this warning) to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of consumers, but these practices still exist. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a dealer to make your purchase.

Klipsch products sold by unauthorized dealers sometimes are purchased on a secondary "gray" market and can be pirated goods not produced by Klipsch, damaged, defective or so-called "B" stock goods, or stolen goods.

Beware of counterfeit Klipsch products.

Like many premium goods, Klipsch products are being duplicated and sold, usually at drastically reduced prices and diminished quality. These products do not meet Klipsch standards and are not covered under Klipsch warranty. If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit Klipsch product or have questions concerning this issue, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-KLIPSCH. We appreciate your help in maintaining the integrity of the Klipsch brand.

Beware of serial number alterations.

Many times, these products have serial numbers that have been changed or even removed all together by the unauthorized reseller. Any product represented to be built by Klipsch that does not have a serial number issued by Klipsch should be held suspect by the customer. Removal or alteration of the original Klipsch serial number will automatically void the warranty on that product. Unauthorized dealers either knowingly deceive the consumer by telling them the product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or they attempt to make repairs themselves. Repairs made by an unauthorized dealer may not meet Klipsch standards due to the use of inappropriate parts or repair by untrained personnel.  

Some unauthorized resellers remove serial numbers and product registration cards or replace our mailing address with their own to avoid detection. For that reason, if your new Klipsch product has no serial number or an obviously altered serial number label, or if there are not matching serial numbers both on the product and on a bar code label on the Klipsch box it was received in, immediately contact whoever you purchased that product from for resolution.

Also, if there is no registration card, or if the mailing address on the card is not either P.O. Box 688, Hope, AR 71802 or 3502 Woodview Trace, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268 or you are directed to not send in a registration card to Klipsch, you should immediately contact whoever you purchased that product from for resolution. The best resolution would be shipment back to that seller for a full refund. Many web sites change names and locations frequently so they cannot be reached to solve customer problems. Other sites simply go out of business.

Make sure you purchase from an authorized Klipsch dealer.

Visit our Dealer Locator, choose your country, enter your zip code (US only) and click "Search". Please call 1-800-KLIPSCH to speak with a customer service representative or contact us via our support portal should you have any questions.

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