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2016 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms rock! Seriously. Where would we be without them? From mom letting you play your instruments as loud as you want, to taking care of you when you’re sick, to generally guiding you through this little thing called life, she has certainly earned her own special day.

While a gift is never enough to convey love to a mother, it is always appreciated, so we have come up with a few ideas for Mother’s Day that will be sure to put a smile on her face time and time again.

R-10B Mother's Day 1 social

For the Overworked Mom

Reference R-10B Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer

Sometimes mom just wants to kick up her feet and watch…well, whatever – we’re not here to judge. Whether it’s something hard-hitting or a little more classical, the R-10B soundbar and wireless subwoofer will put your mom in her own world for however little time that may be. Crystal-clear dialogue and booming bass are all a mom ever needs (and your love, of course). Plus, the R-10B is $100 off right now, starting May 1. (U.S. only)

AS-5i Blue Social 1

For the Mom Who Loves to Work Out

AS-5i All-Sport Headphones

If your mom is the type of person who loves to hit the pavement, give her a boost with the AS-5i headphones. OK, so they aren’t going to improve her time, but they will make music sound a whole lot clearer, making her forget that her calves are on fire. Unlike other “sport” headphones, the lightweight, moisture/sweat resistant AS-5i will actually stay in her ears, thanks to a secure fit design that gently wraps around the ear. Our patented ear tips provide maximum comfort so she’ll be able to go for miles. Get these for $20 OFF for a limited time. (U.S. only)

Reference R-15PM Phono Pre-Amp

For the Cool Mom

Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors

Some of us grew up with totally uncool moms, but hey, we know there are a lot of moms who stay up with times. The R-15PM powered monitors are the Swiss Army knife of speakers, capable of playing directly from a turntable, laptop, phone, TV, tablet…pretty much anything you can throw at it. This isn’t like buying your mom a vacuum. This is more than a gadget. This is something mom will love. $50 OFF the R-15PM through April. (U.S. only)

The Struts ©AndrewStuart.com

For the Mom Who Didn’t Donate Her Turntable to Goodwill

“Everybody Wants” from The Struts

Hopefully your mom didn’t throw away or donate her turntable and vinyl collection all those years ago (like mine did). If she didn’t or is simply starting over again, “Everybody Wants” from The Struts is a great album to gift her. And they’re friends of Klipsch, so there’s that! “Everybody Wants” is currently only available for pre-order, but, trust us, it’s worth it.

Woodchuck Journal Mother's Day 1 social

For Mom, the Writer

Klipsch Woodchuck Journal | Original Woodchuck Journal

We tote these beauties around everywhere we go and feel confident recommending these to mothers everywhere. Sporting real wood, high quality paper and made up north in Minnesota, this isn’t any ordinary journal. Woodchuck USA has knocked it out of the park. You can either choose the Klipsch-branded version available from the Klipsch Gear Store (10% OFF if you sign up for our email newsletter) or the original version, which is available directly from Woodchuck USA in a variety of woods.

Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag Oak

For the Fashionable Mom

Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag

Our friends at Tanner Goods have great taste in speakers, featuring Klipsch Heresy III at all three of their retail locations, so it’s safe to say we recommend their taste in just about everything, including women’s handbags. The Vanguard Saddle Bag sports an absolutely timeless design, making it the perfect fit for any mother. It’s handcrafted in Portland, OR and made from seriously tough, yet luxurious leather.

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