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Amplify the Klipsch Mission for Great Sound

As the “Keepers of the Sound,” Klipsch is on a mission to deliver great sound and broadcast our passion to the world.

Almost every time we demo a pair of Klipsch speakers or headphones to someone who doesn’t know anything about Klipsch, they are stunned by the sound. They exclaim something along the lines of “WOW! Why don’t more people know about these?!”

From a grassroots level, there are plenty of ways Klipsch fans can help amplify our message that there are better audio solutions out there. We don’t want people using their TV’s crappy, thin built-in speakers or the earbuds that came with their iPhones. It’s time we reintroduce people to quality sound.

So, here are a few things you can do to help spread the gospel of Klipsch sound to the masses…and perhaps earn our unrequited love forever.

Post Reviews

Do you love your Klipsch speakers and/or headphones? Be sure to write up a product review on,, or wherever you bought your speakers from. Heck, if you want to go above and beyond, post them on each site!

Product reviews provide a great level of credibility that we simply can’t provide no matter how witty our marketing is. (And it’s really clever, right?....Right?!)

Interact with Klipsch on Social Media

Consider this the modern form of “word of mouth” advertising. Of course, we’re not asking that you be “that guy” and spam your friends and family with endless Klipsch posts. (Seriously, don’t be “that guy.”) Simply, make sure you tag us in a photo when you’re home theater setup is featured and recommend Klipsch to people when they need better sound.






Tell Your Friends

The oldest trick in the book…invite your buddies over, crank up the volume and let the speakers sell themselves. Everyone wins.

Talk to Your Local Retailer

If you’re shopping at a physical retail store and they don’t stock Klipsch speakers or headphones, tell them that they should! This stuff trickles its way to the buyers and we can stock more shelves with products worthy of the music and movies being played.

How many people have you turned on to Klipsch speakers or headphones? Let us know in the comments!


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