Klipsch T5 II Sport on wet rock waterproof earbuds

Are My Sport Earbuds Waterproof?

Who among us has not dropped a wireless earbud in a puddle, outside, or, worst of all, the toilet? Come on, be honest. Anyway, we’ve all heard about using rice to dry out a drowned iPhone, but can the same be said for wireless earbuds?

The good news is that most wireless earbuds on the market today offer an extra level of protection against the elements in the form of an IP rating.


What is an IP rating?

Klipsch T5 II Sport earbuds on a wet rock in a stream

You’ve likely seen this code on your favorite electronics, including your headphones. But, you may or may not know what it’s specifically referencing, in terms of a feature for your new earbuds.

The “ingress protection” (IP) rating is a designation used to determine how much protection a consumer good has against solids or liquids getting inside and causing problems, such as the aforementioned dropping of your earbud into the toilet. Following the letters "IP" are typically 2 digits which indicate the level of protection of the product.

The first digit indicates the level of protection a product has from a solid - i.e. a finger, screwdriver, or even dust. The second digit indicates the level of protection a product has from liquid intrusion in certain volumes, pressures, or temperatures.


So, are my Klipsch earbuds waterproof?

The T5 II True Wireless, T5 II Sport, and T5 II Sport McLaren headphones carry an IP67 rating. This means they are dustproof. It also means the earbuds will be safe against water depths of between 1 cm and 1 m for up to a half-hour.

That said, not all earphones are built alike when it comes to the IP rating.

However, the T5 II ANC models only have an IPX4 rating, which only offers protection against splashes of water. So, maybe don’t shower in those.

What Does “Sweatproof” Really Mean?

Being water and sweat-resistant is a major selling point for anyone searching for great sport headphones. The IP Rating we mentioned above determines the level of protection a product has against the elements, including the aforementioned sweat.

The IP67 rating also extends to durability during the frostier parts of the year, when those of us who love to run outdoors add extra layers and endure the cold for a few blessed miles of peace.

The T5 II series offers that level of protection so you can work out in almost any kind of condition.


Can My Charging Case Be Sweatproof Too?

Moisture-wicking sweatproof case of Klipsch T5 II Sport earphones

Yes, for at least one set of earphones we know and love. The T5 II True Wireless Sport earphones come with a moisture-wicking charging case. Featuring a desiccant pod at the top of the case that is filled with moisture-absorbing silica gel crystals, these will pull moisture out of the earphones and case.

In the event you are dripping sweat at the end of a tough workout, you can have peace of mind knowing the case will remove the remaining moisture on the earbuds while the case is closed.

A pair of top-notch sport earphones with great sound quality and durability is a must to take your workout to the next level. Isn't it time you experienced it for yourself?

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