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Cooking with Klipsch: Chef Ashley Christensen

To continue our holiday blog series, Klipsch spoke with Raleigh, NC based chef, Ashley Christensen - a huge music fan and an even bigger Klipsch fan. Ashley has sought to foster community through food, philanthropy and the stimulation of the city’s downtown neighborhood.

From the launch of Poole’s Diner in 2007 to Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Chuck’s and Fox Liquor Bar in 2011 to her latest venture Joule Coffee, the James Beard Award Winner shares her favorites from music to food to tech and more:

Wine, beer or booze?

I enjoy and respect them all, but my "go to" is a Greyhound, made with fresh grapefruit and Tito's Vodka (not necessarily in that order), or a proper negroni.

What’s your favorite food to eat currently?

I love all things broth, so with this current cold weather snap, I'm super drawn to pho and ramen of all varieties.

Cooking with Klipsch - Ashley Christensen
Chef Ashley Christensen digs vodka, vinyl music and "all things broth."

What’s your favorite food to cook currently?

I've been to Italy twice in 12 months so I'm really enjoying riffing on various expressions of carbonara.

Read or write?

Both... to me, you have to do both to truly do either one well. I'm currently writing my first book with Ten Speed Press, so I'm doing a LOT of both.

Favorite TV show?

The West Wing, Friday Night Lights, and Mind of a Chef.

Headphones: on-ear, over-ear or in-ear?

On-ear when on a plane or seated, and in-ear when I'm moving on my own

Listening preference: CD, Vinyl, MP3?

Vinyl when I can and MP3 when I gotta have it now.

What artist is next in queue on your playlist?

War on Drugs (damn it's good!!!)

What music do you like to listen to while cooking or eating your holiday meal? And if you’re still in need of a gift for a music lover, check out for discounts throughout the year!

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