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9 Gifts for the Movie Lovers in Your Life

9 Gifts for the Movie Lovers in Your Life

Movie lovers are a dedicated bunch. They spend countless hours researching obscure directors, take frequent trips to their local indie theater, and have tons of movie memorabilia. They watch movies for dramatic performances, direction, deep themes, and plenty of other reasons.

During the holidays or when birthdays and other occasions roll around, it can be tough to find thoughtful gifts for movie lovers, because they have such a vast knowledge of cinema.

We're here to help!

In this gift guide, we've shared a few of our favorite gifts for the cinephile in your life. If you had to look up the word "cinephile", you're probably not a movie snob, but we won't hold it against you. There's a gift for every type of movie lover, from the binge-watcher to the aspiring Hollywood filmmaker. Your friend may have already seen every movie you come up with, but there are plenty of great gifts that speak to their fandom.

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1. Home Theater System

If you want to make a serious statement with your gift this year, you can go all-out with a music lover’s home theater system. A proper home theater system offers cinema-quality sound that fills any room, and many of the latest systems have Dolby Atmos technology, which creates the sensation of 3D surround sound. Gifts for movie lovers don't get more decadent than this. If you’re looking to impress without breaking the bank, our R-4B II sound bar and wireless subwoofer make a more affordable starter kit.

2. Movie Subscription/Gift Card

    Though Moviepass is a distant memory, there are plenty of other subscription services for the movie lover in your life. First, there's a wealth of digital streaming services on the scene, like Disney+ and Apple TV+. Cinephiles will also love MUBI, a curated streaming service that rotates 30 films per month, so there's always something to watch. And if your friend is missing ye olde Moviepass, there are other theater subscriptions like AMC Stubs to ease the pain.

    3. Headphones

      Watching movies isn't just something folks just do in a darkened room anymore. People watch movies and shows on their mobile devices on trains, planes, buses, and those moments in between. With a durable pair of headphones, your movie-loving friend can always be ready to watch a film on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If you want to be a really thoughtful gift-giver, you can upgrade their headphones to a wireless Bluetooth model, like our T5 True Wireless earphones.

      4. Portable Movie Projector

        Speaking of streaming anywhere, watching a movie on a TV is fine, but there's something magical about projecting an image onto a blank wall or a screen. With a portable movie projector, your movie lover can connect virtually any media via USB and project it across the room. Better yet, your gift could also include an inflatable movie screen for indoor or outdoor use. It's perfect for pool parties, BBQs, and late-night screenings.

        5. Tickets to Movie Premiere/Pre-Screening

          First on the list is a simple, but effective gift that cuts to the chase. If you know that your movie lover can't wait to see an upcoming release in theaters, do them a favor and grab pre-sale tickets. This is definitely a good idea for big blockbusters like Star Wars. And if they already have pre-sale tickets, they can just trade them in for another film.

          6. Memorabilia

            A vintage movie poster or movie ticket scrapbook can inspire passion from your film buff, but that's just scratching the surface of movie memorabilia. For instance, you can gift them a scratch-off poster with illustrations of the top 100 movies, so they can see which classics they've missed. Or you can snag a literal stocking stuffer like these colorful movie socks.

            7. Movie Books

              Your movie lover probably has a sizable library of film-related books, but you can always approach the gift from another angle. There are books with cocktail recipes and tasty dishes featured on classic films, books with 1001 films you need to see, and illustrated books with deep movie questions. From Harry Potter to campy horror, there are movie books on every franchise, director, and subgenre.

              8. Online Filmmaking Class

                Many movie lovers are also aspiring filmmakers, and there are countless online courses for them to learn the craft. You can learn how to write and direct a masterpiece from Martin Scorsese, develop a distinct voice with Werner Herzog, and learn how to edit with the latest software.

                9. Top-Notch Computer Speakers

                  Whether the movie lover in your life has a desktop or a laptop, they’ll love hooking up to our ProMedia 2.1 THX® Certified Computer Speaker system to watch their favorite movies. These make an especially great gift for families where someone is hogging the TV but the computer is still free.


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