Worker building a Klipschorn woofer cabinet

Good Poop: Worker's Comp - The 2nd Day

On Monday, October 2, 1978, I started working for Klipsch and Associates. On Tuesday I was introduced to the “on-boarding” program, which at that time included actually building a Klipschorn woofer cabinet. This was mandatory for all engineering and sales newbies. You damn sure KNEW the product!

In the actual assembly of the K-horn cabinet (not including sub-assemblies) the primary fasteners are screws. With proper assembly these could actually be removed after the glue has dried, as an airtight glue bond is the real strength of the cabinet. However, there are four small ½” plywood pieces called wings.

The photo above shows an actual builder with his left knuckles almost touching a wing. They allow the “sinuses” to become part of the back air chamber, and at the same time seal the back from the front. These are attached with nails. I had successfully installed at least one of them.

Being cocky, I decided that I could drive those nails into place with just two swings of the hammer. Well, one of those enthusiastic swings perfectly targeted my left index finger nail. Blue air followed.

Fortunately, it was close to the lunch break and PWK was taking the engineers to the Holiday Inn for some grub. It was obvious to all in attendance that I was in severe discomfort. Good old PWK insisted that I keep the finger in a glass of ice water all during lunch.

In spite of the pain multiplying several fold, I managed to follow orders. The next day I had the nail drilled to relieve the pressure, and waited a week or two for it to fall off.

That nail is in a jar somewhere...

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