Salem Witch Musuem

Salem Witch Museum – Commercial Install Story

Salem Witch Museum – Commercial Install Story

Twenty innocent people were put to death during the Witch Hysteria of 1692. The Salem Witch Museum brings historical facts and evidence surrounding the trials to audiences traveling from all over the world by exposing a very strange part of American history ­— the Salem Witch Hunt. While many fascinating facts surround the museum, perhaps one of our favorites is Salem’s good taste in audio.

The Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts wanted crystal clear sound throughout the lobby and outside, where lines form during the busy Fall season. Integrator, Roger Talkov of Parsons Audio, caught wind of the project opportunity and bid on the project.

The Museum needed to make important announcements to attendees via its outdoor grounds. Visitors access the main entrance through a sidewalk tent used during colder months, so the audio must be crystal clear for announcements, as well as easily installed/removed with the included tent yokes. Furthermore, speakers in the outdoor gardens needed to blend into the Museum’s landscaping of in both appearance and sound quality. It was necessary for each zone to be individually volume controlled so as not to disturb neighbors, and weatherproof for longevity. “The obvious speaker choices in terms placement flexibility and ease of installation were the Klipsch Pro-650-T rock speakers for the gardens and the Klipsch CA-525-T speakers for the tent,” Talkov explained.

Tina Jordan, a staff member at the Salem Witch Museum, says, “We love our new speakers. We use them primarily for announcements. Not only are they beautiful, but the audio is crisp and clear.”

Witch speakers do you prefer??!! Why Klipsch of course! The Salem Witch Museum is open year-round so why not make it your first stop in the fascinating town of Salem?

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