Klipsch certified factory refurbished R 4 B sound bar

What Are Refurbished Speakers and Why Are They A Great Option?

Recycling. It’s a thing we all try to do, whether it be separating plastic and glass out from garbage to donating used items to Goodwill or your other preferred charitable organization.

You’ve likely heard the term, “climate change.” No matter your beliefs on the matter, there is one thing that seems to be universally accepted - we all throw away entirely too much crap that we could be recycling instead.

The World Economic Forum says, “In 2019, over 92 billion tons of materials were extracted and processed, contributing to about half of global CO2 emissions. The resulting waste – including plastics, textiles, food, electronics and more – is taking its toll on the environment and human health.” This is where the idea of a circular economy comes into play.

This is not merely limited to those designer scores some of us spend hours hunting for at our local thrift shops. It’s far larger than that.

The government website for the Netherlands describes it as, “manufacturers design products to be reusable. For example, electrical devices are designed in such a way that they are easier to repair. Products and raw materials are also reused as much as possible. For example, by recycling plastic into pellets for making new plastic products. In a circular economy, we treat our surroundings responsibly. For example, by preventing litter on streets or in the natural environment.”

What Does the Circular Cycle Look Like?

The circular production cycle

This is the basic cycle of a good being produced, put into the market, sold to a consumer, sent back to the manufacturer at some point, with the final step of the product being resold practically as good as new.

Is It Better to Buy Refurbished or Used?

Used suggests the product is just that - used. Not rehabilitated or fixed. It is a case of buyer beware. A used product may be priced right, but if it hasn’t been checked by a technician, you really don’t know what you’re getting. Buying used is good for the planet, in many regards, but not necessarily the best option if you are wanting premium sound.

Refurbished, on the other hand, suggests the item has been checked for defects inside and out and fixed so it is like new.

What Does “Certified Factory Refurbished” Mean Exactly?

Look, we want everyone to fall in love with their Klipsch product as much as we do. But, we also get that things happen. The buyer’s remorse can be legit. What you bought might not fit into your space or your soundstage. You send it back and the product is quality controlled again. We then pass on the savings to you.

Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products have been tested, inspected and approved for sale by a Klipsch quality assurance professional. All Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products pass the same strict performance standards as our brand-new products and carry little or no blemishes or imperfections. Plus, you get a warranty-backed product at up to 70% off the retail price:

  • A free limited warranty

  • Free 90-day return guarantee

  • Free ground shipping domestically

  • Free support from our world-class support team

Giving back to the environment has never sounded better.