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CES 2014 Round-Up

Klipsch descends on Las Vegas. Loudly.

Klipsch dominated the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year with product unveilings, an insanely trafficked booth, an old-school rock concert, and a giant horn sculpture. We've wrapped up the coverage for you here. You're welcome.

New Products

In addition to displaying KMC products, the SB 120 and countless others on the main show floor, Klipsch unveiled two new products at CES this year: the KG-200 and wireless KG-300 -- the most powerful and detailed gaming headsets in the market.

Designed for use with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PCs, the products enable enthusiasts to dominate opponents with an audio advantage that shifts the game in their favor.

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A Booth with Attitude

Our booth graphics were the buzz of the show with our "no bullshit" taglines and unique imagery. We've made them available as wallpaper for your PC... T-shirts and posters coming soon! Adding to the buzz was an enormous horn sculpture smack dab in the middle of the action, which was signed by anyone who wanted to during the course of the show and was named one of "15 Things We Wanted To Steal From CES 2014" by

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Lynyrd Skynard at the Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas

With our southern roots and classic rock vibe, having Lynyrd Skynyrd play in an intimate setting was the perfect way to represent our brand. And like us, they brought it.

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Press Coverage


Best Act of Passive-Aggressive Marketing: Klipsch

Audio company Klipsch marketed its wares on signage bearing such heartwarming sentiments as “Stop buying crap audio. It’s embarrassing.” and “Pissing off the neighbors since 1946.”

- HM

CNN Money

Klipsch Group Inc. came to the International Consumer Electronics Show this year to make a statement. Speakers blasted AC/DC at the company's booth, and signs featured burnished electric guitars and irreverent slogans like, "Your music could sound better, just sayin'," "Big sound, no bullshit" and "A little heresy is good for the soul."

Taken together, the Klipsch pavilion seemed intended to evoke an image that's a cross between Clint Eastwood and Johnny Cash: a grizzled, whiskey-cured outlaw returning to the road for one last ride.


The Klipsch Gig music center ($199, out now) weighs just more than a pound and will play for 12 hours. The Gig handles the better-sounding AptX Bluetooth mode and automatically recognizes NFC (near-field communication) devices with a wave. You can also add flair to your speaker with interchangeable wraparound bands ($24.99) of different colors.


CES 2014 Picks: Gear, oddities, and attitudes we really liked

Klipsch booth signage — Party on

We’ve all done it: cranked our stereo just a wee bit louder than the neighbors can tolerate—and then laughed at them when they protested. I’ve had Klipsch tower speakers in my home theater for years, and I’ve driven the neighbors over the edge more than a few times (usually while playing Frank Zappa’s “Willie the Pimp”).

Way to connect with your customers, Klipsch.

—Michael Brown


Not too long ago, Klipsch announced their new, top-end set of headphones. I originally intended to do a quick listen and move on. But the Status kept me pinned, listening to track after track for over 15 minutes. That’s a good chunk of time to me, standing in one spot.

Right from the start, these headphones are comfy and light. The ear cups have great movement to them. Once you put them on and wiggle-adjust some, you get a perfect fit. It feels like a pair that can be worn for extended periods of time. The audio sounds all there. Within that short timeframe, I could hear a full midrange that’s loaded with energy. Lots of detail too. The lows are lush, yet controlled and balanced.

The Klipsch Status folds down compact, and the hinges are solid, delivering a formal click when opened or closed. These are designed to last. Although the band is made of plastic, it can handle almost any twisting or punishment you can throw at it.