INDIANAPOLIS (October 3, 2005) - At the 2005 Sydney Film Festival, held at the State Theatre in Australia, Atlab Image and Sound Technology treated audiences to significantly improved picture and sound by extensively upgrading the venue's A/V capabilities, including the installation of new projection lenses and a refurbished Dolby Digital system made up of Klipsch cinema speakers.

Although a truly magnificent venue replete with chandeliers and grand staircases, the State Theatre, used mainly for live entertainment events, was falling short in the A/V department. In years past, the theater struggled to dynamically support the festival's films; therefore Atlab increased its sponsorship level and spent an entire month rebuilding the projection and audio equipment before the start of this year's screenings.

In order to deliver the richest auditory experience possible, the 2000-seat theater was outfitted with three Klipsch KPT-MCM-4-T Grand behind-the-screen systems. As the first and only fully horn-loaded, THX®-Approved four-way cinema system, the KPT-MCM-4-T Grand affords the ultimate in sound performance for larger exhibition spaces and, in particular, those grand auditoriums fitted with digital sound reproduction equipment.

"The difference is remarkable," said Jennifer Naughton, CEO of the Sydney Film Festival. "The images are so much sharper and, everyone has commented on the vastly improved sound. It's so important to present these films at the highest possible standard; we are really grateful for Atlab."

Even this year's film directors and producers offered up sincere praise for the theater's renewed performance. According to director and producer Tom Zubrycki, the audio was extremely sharp, making it possible to hear and appreciate every little nuance in the soundtrack. "As a filmmaker who has had many films screened in the State over the years, I am especially pleased with these very positive developments."

Producer Helen Bowden was thrilled that her seventh festival film Girl in a Mirror looked and sounded so fantastic for its world premiere. "While it is always an honor to have your film screened at the Sydney Film Festival, this year, with the upgraded system, it was a treat. We had a huge audience, probably the biggest we'll ever have in the world, and the image and sound were sublime. Everyone in the audience could hear all of the soundtrack, instead of some strange subset coming out from the nearest speaker."

This isn't the first time Atlab has used Klipsch speakers on a project. According to Ben Wilson, Atlab's sales and marketing manager, the company has installed Klipsch products at several facilities across Australia and New Zealand. "As a Klipsch distributor, we are especially impressed with the dialogue intelligibility of these products. We believe that Klipsch systems outperform all others and it's obvious our customers do to because they are increasingly turning to Klipsch for their speaker requirements."

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