INDIANAPOLIS (January 2, 2004) - As sales of its Cinema 8 and Cinema 10 Reference Satellite systems continue at a brisk pace, Klipsch is introducing smaller, more affordable Reference Satellite products for distribution to its network of specialty retail and residential contracting partners. The new RSX-3 monitor and RCX-3 center channel will be merchandised with a Reference Series RW-8 subwoofer in a home theater package called the Cinema 6.

As with all Reference Satellite models, the new RSX-3 monitor and RCX-3 center channel are unobtrusive, stylish and versatile loudspeakers that fit almost anywhere, in any type of system, in any type of environment.

Both of these models have integrated pedestal stands with ball joints that allow them to be adjusted in almost any direction by simply using the provided allen wrench. Keyholes are provided on the underside of the stand base for no-hassle wall mounting. Grilles magnetically snap into place over the front baffles, while sturdy five-way binding posts ensure secure connection to any type of cable.

Available in a black or silver finish, the RSX-3 and RCX-3 are both two-way, magnetically shielded speakers that employ 3.5-inch aluminum woofers and 0.75-inch titanium-dome compression drivers coupled to Klipsch's new round MicroTractrix™ Horns for maximum clarity and efficiency. These loudspeakers also feature high-quality network components and top-of-the-line internal wiring.

The woofers are long-throw units driven by powerful ceramic magnetic motor structures. The Cerametallic™ cones are lightweight with excellent rigidity, which dramatically reduces any resonance. As a result, the RSX-3 and RCX-3 are capable of robust bass extending low enough for comfortable operation with today's built-in A/V preamp/processor and receiver crossovers.

Expected to ship in June 2004, the RSX-3 and RCX-3 will be sold together in a single box that includes four RSX-3s and one RCX-3 for a U.S. MSRP of $600. The Cinema 6 package, including the RW-8 subwoofer, will carry a U.S. MSRP of $950.