INDIANAPOLIS (April 25, 2005) - Today, Best Buy stores nationwide will begin selling two new Klipsch Synergy Series powered subwoofers alongside 12 other high-performance Klipsch products, including the new SLX flat-panel television speaker. The Sub-12 and Sub-10 deliver the low-frequency power necessary to complete the performance of the latest Synergy Series speaker systems. According to NPD Techworld market tracking data, the predecessors to the Sub-10 and Sub-12 ranked number one and number two respectively among all subwoofers sold in all U.S. distribution channels so far in 2005.

The new Synergy subwoofers feature powerful down-firing drivers coupled to efficient BASH Class D digital amplifiers. While the Sub-12 employs a 12-inch woofer and generates 300 watts of continuous power and 650 watts of dynamic power, the Sub-10 has a 10-inch driver and delivers 200 watts of continuous power and 420 watts of dynamic power. Because these models have ample-sized enclosures made of medium density fiber board and large, rear-firing ports with flared ends, they offer increased bass response with low distortion. Stylish outrigger feet secure the down-firing system at the optimum height to ensure consistent performance.

"The new Sub-12 and Sub-10 are powerhouses that deliver the energy and intensity of a real movie theater or live musical performance," said Tony Ostrom, Klipsch director of product marketing for mass retail. "These subwoofers are loaded with class-leading technology that allows them to go deeper, hit harder and deliver more realism than anything else in their class."

Inputs on these subwoofers include two line level RCA phono jacks and two high level speaker terminals. Both subwoofers have a built-in, steep-slope (24dB/octave) low-pass crossover that is continuously adjustable from 40 to 120Hz. A phase control facilitates ideal acoustical integration of each subwoofer with other speakers in the system. An "auto power" feature enables these subwoofers to turn on and off automatically, based on the presence or absence of an audio signal. A blue/red dual color LED display located on the front of each subwoofer indicates whether the unit is on or in standby mode.

In addition to their high-end components, the Sub-12 and Sub-10 incorporate a new industrial design that is refined and aggressive. Available in a black ash vinyl finish with titanium accents, these subwoofers perfectly complement the entire Synergy Series lineup in both style and performance.

The Synergy Series subwoofers are available at U.S. MSRPs of $499.99 for the Sub-12 and $399.99 for the Sub-10.