INDIANAPOLIS (March 12, 2008) — Alone, the Klipsch® RoomGroove makes a great iPod® speaker, but combine it with other RoomGroove units and you get an affordable, high-performance wireless home audio system. The speaker is also part of a new line of KlipschCast™ products, featuring exclusive wireless capabilities. Watch KlipschCast demo.

“With intelligent wireless technology and dynamic sound performance, our RoomGroove fills the market gap for a high-quality multi-room music platform that’s simple to install and operate,” said Mike Klipsch, president of Klipsch Audio Technologies. “It’s a product that allows users to easily expand their Klipsch sound from room-to-room without being tripped up or tied down.”

The RoomGroove is a true two-way stereo sound system that utilizes premium woofers, crossovers, and horn-loaded tweeters to deliver accurate, efficient, and compromise-free acoustics. It features a retractable dock that charges all iPods with 30-pin connectors and includes Apple universal well inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes. Other digital players, as well as devices with a line level audio output, easily connect via an auxiliary input.

Requiring no wiring beyond a power cord, each RoomGroove also acts as a transmitter or receiver, meaning it can wirelessly send CD-quality music to other RoomGroove units or receive CD-quality music from a transmitting RoomGroove. Additionally, the RoomGroove lets users listen to sources connected to, or integrated into, other Klipsch products with wireless KlipschCast™ technology, such as the CS-700 home theater system. For example, with a CS-700 and two or more RoomGrooves, users can wirelessly send music, TV or movie sound all over their house.

The robust 2.4GHz wireless technology found in the RoomGroove offers unlimited add-on opportunities. Plus, the technology “sniffs out” the entire 2.4GHz band to detect other wireless technologies in use, such as wireless routers, and then transmits around the spectrum used by those sources. The home code dial on each of these wireless speakers allows users to select a code specific to all of the units in their homes to avoid interference with neighboring systems.

And, a RoomGroove gives you a choice. If a home has three RoomGrooves and “Song A” is playing in the bedroom and “Song B” is playing in the office, then the RoomGroove in the kitchen can listen to either song or play what’s on its own iPod.

Priced at $299 (U.S. MSRP), the RoomGroove and its accompanying IR remote is currently available for purchase on and at select retail locations.

Audio Tip

The RoomGroove not only brings out the best in your iPod, it will also work with your computer. All you have to do is connect the RoomGroove to your computer via its auxiliary input. This allows you to broadcast your computer's entire music library, including content from your favorite Internet radio station, to other RoomGrooves around your house.