VANCOUVER (September 4, 2003) - Possibly one of North America's most advanced entertainment venues, The Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver features high-performance Klipsch loudspeakers and sophisticated digital cinema products that create what the facility's designers call the most unique, realistic surround sound experience for both film and live performances.

The Centre adds a new dimension to the theater experience by utilizing dual 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound systems powered by Klipsch cinema and stage loudspeakers, high-definition digital imaging and projection equipment and laser lights. This versatile 81,000 square-foot auditorium can be easily converted to accommodate live performances or video presentations.

To fill this large, 1,843-seat environment with dynamic and lifelike sound, Philip Cacayorin, directing producer of digital media for Dog House Media, Ltd., - the company that produces The Centre's audiovisual needs - chose Klipsch to be the facility's exclusive loudspeaker provider.

"I have been a Klipsch fan forever and truly believe in their design philosophies," said Cacayorin. "Klipsch's ability to reproduce and deliver higher frequencies accurately to a large audience is essential for our type of dimensional sound environment."

A multitude of Klipsch cinema and stage loudspeakers deliver The Centre's vibrant and crystal-clear sound. Cacayorin developed the dual 5.1-channel systems using three THX -approved KPT-535 behind-the-screen systems, three THX-approved KPT-535-4-T behind-the-screen systems, six THX-approved KPT-684 subwoofers, six KPT-484 subwoofers, 14 KPT-250 surrounds and three customized Klipsch products designed to meet some of The Centre's specialized needs.

"Audiences who have never experienced Klipsch will be amazed by our dynamic range and realistic reproduction of sound," said Lance Jones, senior vice president of corporate development for Klipsch.

In addition to building the sound system, Cacayorin has designed innovative products that allow audiences to experience all the vitality, intensity and passion of a live performance. His virtual reality microphones connect to a Dolby Digital encoder where the performance is converted and played back in Dolby Digital 5.1 as the show progresses.

"The Centre is among the first in North America to feature cutting-edge digital cinema technologies in a theatrical environment," said Cacayorin. "With its impressive and revolutionary sound system, every seat inside The Centre provides a total aural immersion experience."

Built in 1995 and originally named the Ford Centre for Performing Arts, The Centre primarily offers theater, music and dance, but has the ability to host high-definition movie premieres, the production of digital content for future distribution, live digital satellite concert broadcasting and high-profile television and sporting events.

The Centre is centrally located in downtown Vancouver, mid-block on Homer Street, across from Vancouver's Library Square.