THX Ultra2 Series

Don't say we didn't warn you.

To say the Klipsch THX Ultra2 System delivers mind-blowing intensity, consciousness-altering realism, and soul stirring magnificence is an understatement. You've never experienced home theater sound so accurate, dynamic, detailed and immersive. Few professional theaters can match the stunning high-output, low-distortion sound that earned this system the highest THX certification -- THX Ultra2.

Once you hear it, you'll have to have it.

Drawing on our decades of experience as a leading supplier of professional cinema sound systems, we know how to fill every square inch of a space with extraordinarily intense and realistic sound.

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A one-star upgrade for every movie you own.

The front left-channel, center-channel, right-channel array is the beating heart of every home theater sound system. Our KL-650-THX speakers effortlessly pump THX Ultra2-quality sound through Tractrix® 90° x 60° horns, raising the efficiency of their 1-inch titanium-dome compression driver tweeters while optimizing radiation patterns.

Their dual 6.5-inch woofers feature rigid, low-mass Cerametallic anodized-aluminum cones for exceptionally high output with minimal distortion. The KL-525-THX with 5.25 woofers is also available for smaller rooms.

Either way, your DVDs thank you.

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They’re creeping up behind you.

Immerse yourself in Klipsch Wide Dispersion Surround Technology. The KS-525-THX delivers the enveloping surround field of diffuse-radiating speakers as well as the precise effect localization of direct-radiating speakers, with the drawbacks of neither.

How? Two 1-inch titanium-dome compression drivers loaded by 5-inch square 90° x 60° Tractrix Horns and two 5.25-inch Cerametallic cone woofers, set on the diagonal to minimize output interference.

In other words, if they’re out there, you’ll hear them.

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Astounding intense deep-bass reproduction. Prepare accordingly.

240-ounce magnets. Cast aluminum frames. 12-inch Cerametallic cones. Explosive, indeed. KW-120-THX high-output, low distortion passive subwoofers deliver the room-quaking bottom end today’s film soundtracks require, with astonishing clarity and detail.

The KA-1000-THX external amp and front-ported sub allow maximum installation flexibility, while professional-grade construction and premium components throughout ensure sonic purity, consistency and reliability.

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Concealed Weapons.

Armed with explosive dynamics that won’t disrupt your home’s décor, the THX Ultra2 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers create dramatic and realistic experiences that rival those found in large movie theaters.

Mix and match with our other THX Ultra2 products. So powerful, you’ll wonder if it’s legal.

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