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Reference Subwoofers

Comprised of exclusive technologies to deliver an epic performance, these copper and black monsters have an acoustically perfected design, - making them ideal for high-performance home audio configurations.

R 115 Sw Angle
R 112 Sw Angle
R 110 Sw Angle
R 12 Sw Angle
R 10 Sw Angle

Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speakers

Klipsch Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speakers produce cinematic sound from Cerametallic woofers and a Hybrid Tractrix® Horn. They can fill your room with theater-quality sound with minimal effort - immersing you in the ultimate listening experience.

Rp 280 F Angle Ebony

Dolby Atmos®

The greatest advancement in home audio since surround sound - Dolby Atmos® delivers an experience like no other with an overhead soundstage to completely engulf you in your movies and music.

Rp 280 Fa Top Ebony
Rp 140 Sa Front